Thursday 30 August 2012

Updated: Global FIU list with money laundering news

Few days back I compiled a list of Financial Intelligence Units responsible for each country, globally. In the tool-tip when the "i" is clicked on a country, there is a pop-up which displays the website of that country's FIU, latest news/publication from that FIU and articles (news / case studies/ sanctions) from that country posted on

Having that list in place, I thought to try something innovative. This post presents the change which I have made to this FIU list. The picture below shows how the new map looks like:

There are 3 main elements to focus on are as follows:
  1. The circle (1) shows the icons placed on every country. As of now its not possible find the website of all countries, hence you only have "i"s for the country's whose FIU website is available. When you click it, a popup is shown, detailed in point 2.
  2. The information on clicking an "i", as in circle (2) provides the FIU's website, news from that FIU and the news from that country hosted on
  3. When  "i" is clicked,  in the circle (3), information hosted about that country (news/case studies/sanctions) related to money laundering on will be presented in the pane. The results are populated using Google custom search. They are paginated, hence you will see maximum 10 results per page (max 10 pages;hence 100 results).
Hope this addition to the FIUs list is helpful to you.

Since the website of all FIU's is not available, I am thinking to flag all the countries with "i" mark red the ones where the website is not available. This will give an advantage that you still see an easy to access news from that country.

Your comments are really appreciated.

Link to the FIU map: click here



Anonymous said...

Looks great but how do I access it?

Abhi said...

Sorry should have given that in this post as well.

Its here: