Wednesday 22 August 2012

Search @ AMLabc just got better

If you are a regular visitor then you may know already, but if you are new to this website, I would like to mention again that you will find AMLabc as a repository for most (if not all) anti money laundering related information. Talking about repository it will mean lots and lots of information, correct? Now if you have so much information going through each and every bit of it will be the last thing on your mind. Now as you have read so far, I am here to provide a solution to your confusion.

I would like to introduce the "New Search" on!

You can use the search bar on the top of the website as marked in the image below:

Now that is fairly simple, right? The new thing which I have created (using Google custom search) is that when you look for a particular information, now you will have the ability to drill down further and search if any related case study, or AML news, or any AML basics information is available in this repository.

Let me explain with another image:

Please refer the numbers in the image above, to the bullet points mentioned below. Do note, you do not need to reload the page, clicking the relevant links will automatically update your search results.

  1. This is the search bar you can use to search for any information. Here in the example above, I am searching for HSBC;
  2. Once you perform a search operation, the tab "All results" will provide you all information corresponding to the word/sentence you are searching for;
  3. When you click the "Case Study" tab, your search result will narrow down to information which is only related to case studies on the search term. In this example, all case studies on HSBC available on will be displayed;
  4. Same with the "AML news" link. Only the information related to any AML news will be displayed;
  5. "AML fines" or to say sanctions, cease and desist etc on the term you are searching will be displayed;
  6. Any basics information on the search team on this AML repository;
  7. Last but not the least, this is the search result portion where you will see google like search results.
I hope you browsing experience on this AML repository is further enhanced by this new feature!