Wednesday 18 July 2012

Compliance service providers

After a very positive response to the AML vendors list on LinkedIn and further publishing a Screening solutions vendor list I started thinking on what should be next... An idea came to my mind that Compliance is a very wide area and to support an organizations compliance policies, tooling to implement these policies, regular monitoring etc. there are many small, medium or large companies in the market which provide these functions as a service, not particularly as a tool. 

To be frank I know a few of such companies, but not a lot. Consider this, what if you are a financial institution or a money service business etc. how useful will it be for you if you have such a list of suppliers (consultants) at a single location! On one hand it will definitely help you narrow down your search and focus on an already consolidated list and on the other have all choices at one place and chose the best!

Now again, consider this if you are a supplier or consultancy company. It will help you to know who your peers are and what are they providing and where you yourself can improvise. There is always so much to learn from your competitors.

As you can imagine, this list will be growing day by day, considering the vast number of consulting companies out there in the Market. Hence I will be preparing this list in a different way. You can visit the link yourself and experience a new way in which you can be highlighted in the cloud of competitors.

Click here to access the Compliance Service Providers.