Tuesday 8 May 2012

Consolidated URLs of worldwide FIU's

Update (16-Apr-2012): Finally I managed to put these URLs on a world map so that its easier to navigate and access the websites. In addition I also included the latest money laundering related information posted on www.AMLabc.com for that particular country.

While finding rules and regulations, enforcement actions OR case studies etc. I had to find the websites of Financial Investigation Units' (FIU) again and again. I realized that this would be a generic search which I will have to do time and again, I populated one of my pages on AMLabc.com with the links to all the known FIU websites. This link can be accessed here. The other intention of compiling this list is to provide the readers of my website, a quick reference where they can use the links to fetch relevant information easily and quickly.

Hope this link will be of help to you! Feedback is very much appreciated.